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Saturday, March 2, 2024

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    Goodnight, Smartphone

    Goodnight, SmartphonePowering down before bed for a good night’s restChecking email or flipping through channels instead of sleeping? Playing video games or browsing social media in bed? If you want t

    Make Your Child’s Vision Health a Priority this School Year

    Make Your Child’s Vision Health a Priority this School YearChildren\'s vision is paramount to their performance in school and life. One in four children deals with a vision impairment that impacts his

    Thriving with a Brain Tumor

    Thriving with a Brain TumorA brain tumor can result in a wide range of physical and emotional changes, but proactively managing your coping strategy can have a significant impact on your treatment pro

    Tech Gifts Can Make Resolutions a Reality

    Tech Gifts Can Make Resolutions a RealityWhile many people who make New Year\'s resolutions drop them within a couple weeks or months, pulling those newly received tech device gifts out of the packagin

    Resolve to Be a Healthier You

    Resolve to Be a Healthier YouWhile traveling more, losing weight and quitting bad habits are annually among some of the most popular New Year’s resolutions, the turn of the calendar does represent a p

    Take Music and Podcasts Everywhere You Go

    Take Music and Podcasts Everywhere You GoMusic is everywhere, and today’s tech-enabled world makes it easy to enjoy the sounds of your favorite artists and storytellers no matter where you go. “In the

    Teachers’ Top Needs for 2019

    Teachers’ Top Needs for 2019Great classrooms don’t happen by accident. Teachers across the country work hard to build vibrant, energizing learning environments for their students, which often means ev

    At-Home Learning Throughout Summer

    At-Home Learning Throughout SummerTips for keeping students sharp over the long-haulWith the majority of schools across the country closed, many parents are feeling the stress of taking more active ro

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