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Monday, September 26, 2022

    When Quitting Is Winning

    When Quitting Is WinningQuitting tobacco is hard, but it’s never too late to quit and begin reaping the health benefits of a tobacco-free lifestyle. Whether you use cigarettes, cigars, snuff, chew or

    Chigger Myths Hurt More than Help

    Chigger Myths Hurt More than Help- They tend to cause more sheer misery than any other \"insect of summer.\" Despite being well-known, however, chiggers aren\'t that well- understood, according to Ludek

    Primary Immunodeficiency Can Isolate People from World, Loved Ones

    Primary Immunodeficiency Can Isolate People from World, Loved Ones- Imagine living in a world where even common germs can trigger extreme illness that won\'t go away. This is the reality for nearly 10

    Helpful Tips to Protect Your Hearing

    Helpful Tips to Protect Your HearingNot only can noise distract, disturb and interfere with communication and sleep, it can affect your performance, behavior and hearing. In many cases, hearing loss c

    5 Hacks for Greener, Happier Living

    5 Hacks for Greener, Happier LivingWhether you take shorter showers, reduce food waste or make eco-minded choices at the grocery store, adopting one simple habit can make a difference in protecting Ea

    Summer Sweat Sessions

    Summer Sweat Sessions3 tips for surviving workouts in the heatDuring warm-weather months, fitness enthusiasts often take their exercise routines to the great outdoors. The spike in summer temperatures

    Japan · Sean Fennessy – The Design Files | Australia's most popular design blog.

    We are excited today to launch a brand new content series, in partnership with Olympus. ‘Through My Eyes’ is a four part series of photo essays, authored by four talented Australian creatives from very different disciplines, and different walks of life.

    We’re kicking the series off with someone who should need no introduction. Sean Fennessy is our longest serving collaborator – a seriously talented Melbourne photographer whose clients include Monocle, Wallpaper*, Vogue Living and Nowness to name a few. Sean has recently returned from a trip to Japan, where he created a series of photos using the new Olympus PEN-F camera. We’re super chuffed to share them with you today.


    The Importance of Senior Fitness

    The Importance of Senior Fitness- According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), exercise and physical activity are some of the best things older adults can do to stay healthy. Even moderate ex

    Environmental Art: A Beautiful Chance to Connect with the Earth

    With the onset of long summer days, it’s the perfect time to take up a new hobby. Take some inspiration from bold, innovative women artists from British Columbia who are using natural materials to cat

    Be a Hero this Halloween

    Be a Hero this HalloweenBeing a hero goes beyond dressing up in a costume this Halloween season. Children, families and schools across the country can channel their own superpowers to help deliver lif
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