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Sunday, September 25, 2022


    Fight Off the Flu

    Fight Off the FluColder weather and cold and flu season go hand-in-hand. While you may not be able to completely avoid getting sick, you can take some steps to protect yourself and minimize the chance

    4 Ways to Stretch Your Health Benefits

    4 Ways to Stretch Your Health BenefitsOften, employees enroll in medical insurance plans for protection against unpredictable events, sudden illness or serious health concerns that may result in expen

    Health and Safety Go Hand-in-Hand

    Health and Safety Go Hand-in-HandMost people recognize the importance of a healthy lifestyle when it comes to physical and emotional well-being, but you may not realize that some health-related activi

    Envision Success

    Envision SuccessThe importance of children’s eye examsAs the school year marches on, parents and children are always thinking about supplies, clothes and paperwork. While vision exams are not always p

    Benefits of Responsible Use of Animal Antibiotics

    Benefits of Responsible Use of Animal AntibioticsAnimal antibiotics have been used by farmers for decades to make food safer, prevent animal suffering and lessen the burden on our planet. However, con

    Fixing the Pain Problem

    Fixing the Pain ProblemSafe, effective options for long-term treatmentAmerica is in the midst of an opioid epidemic. Sales of prescription opioids have nearly quadrupled since 1999. According to the C

    Goodnight, Smartphone

    Goodnight, SmartphonePowering down before bed for a good night’s restChecking email or flipping through channels instead of sleeping? Playing video games or browsing social media in bed? If you want t

    Manage AFib Risk for Better Health

    Manage AFib Risk for Better HealthApproximately 1.5 million American women live with atrial fibrillation, a heart disorder commonly known as “AFib” that can lead to deadly or life-impairing stroke. Fo

    Make Living a Healthy Lifestyle a Priority

    Make Living a Healthy Lifestyle a PriorityLiving a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be a daunting task. There are many products available to help make the process easier. There is no time like the pr

    Eat What You Love, Drop Extra Pounds

    Eat What You Love, Drop Extra PoundsIf your holiday eating habits have you scared to step on the scale, don’t fret. There is a simple solution available to help you lose that extra holiday weight no m

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