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    Energizing Eats

    When we’re in the grips of winter and the short, dark days are upon us, we can sometimes start feeling a bit down and withdrawn. For some, this can trigger a type of seasonal depression called seasona

    Fast Father's Day Recipes

    When it comes to making the men in your life feel special on Father’s Day, many tend to think we need to pull out all the stops. However, some of the most impactful expressions of our love are created

    Holiday Cocktail Party

    With the arrival of December, we often look forward to celebrating the season with festive gatherings, good cheer, and tasty treats. However, all too often, the rich food and drinks on offer can leave

    Herbal Inclusions for Dishes and Drinks

    Herbs are a great way to not only add an extra layer of flavour to a dish or drink but to also provide our bodies with some noteworthy health benefits. 1. ShisoWidely used in Asian cooking, shiso leav

    Fall’s Functional Foods

    As the weather cools, we’re spoiled for choice as the season’s bumper crop of fruits and vegetables offers up a tantalizing and delicious range of bold flavours and textures. While navigating the groc

    Made with matcha

    With its eye-catching color and palate-arresting flavor, it’s no wonder matcha green tea powder has staying power on your Instagram feed. It’s the OG cup of green goodness—the forerunner of the celery

    Toast the Host

    ’Tis the season of celebration! Whatever holiday gathering you find yourself invited to, why not thank the gracious host with a homemade gift from your kitchen that’s not only tasty but healthy too? D

    Smart Snacking

    With a little advance planning, you can enjoy a snack that promotes healthy eating and allows you to control cravings.We often have good intentions to pursue a healthier lifestyle with more frequent e

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