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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

    Irene McGuinness


    Perfect Pulses—Perfect Food

    Pulses are commanding a lot of attention these days. We’re not talking about your heart rate, but rather we’re exploring—and enjoying—the perfect plant food. Pulses are among the world’s healthiest fo

    Heartfelt Foods

    The variety of heart-wholesome foods is endless, so planning a meal your heart will love makes more than just good sense—it’s also great fun! Check out our heartfelt recipe collection, and don’t forge

    Meal in the meadow

    Cold food on a hot day is quintessentially refreshing. And for picnics, a mix of cold dishes coupled with searing barbecued foods make for outdoor dining perfection. First things first, though: packin

    Boosting Immunity Is Easy

    Rather than facing the new year with a long list of resolutions, why not make a simple shift with a major immune health payoff? Eat more plant foods. That’s it. Eating more whole plant foods is a grea

    Turning Over a New Leaf

    It’s a new year, and rather than dread facing it with a checklist of changes and resolutions, there are a couple of things you can do without a lot of stress-driven determination. This month, our focu

    Berry Berry Beautiful

    In the height of the season, fresh local berries pack not only sweet, juicy flavour but also a nutritional wallop. They scream summer with their brilliant colours and juicy parts and, when frozen at t

    Supplement Your Day

    Eastern medicinal practices have been incorporating mushrooms in healing elixirs for thousands of years. But here in the West, their resurgence as an ultra-trendy diet aid has everyone adding mushroom

    Book review: The Easy 5-Ingredient Pescatarian Cookbook

    De Santis and Anderson have unpacked a pescatarian menu in their latest book focusing on 5-ingredient simple recipes for delicious heart-healthy meals. And they did it supremely well. Check out these

    Pantry 2020 Basics

    Check out these basics for our 2020 pantry. (You can also download this list as a handy PDF and save it on your phone!) When you\'re stocking your pantry, take note of storage and best-before dates. Nu

    Top 10 Tips for Cooking Dried Legumes

    Legumes are a class of vegetables that include beans, peas, and lentils. Chock full of nutrients and high in fibre, cooked legumes can be added to any number of dishes. And they’re the quintessential

    2020 Pantry Essentials

    Are you finding your pantry a bit paltry? Is your collection of staples marginal? A well-stocked pantry can be your best friend and maybe even the spark you need to inspire your meal prep during the c

    Super Festive Feast

    Every year, it seems, health advocates come out with new lists of superfoods: foods that are the darlings of optimal health and well-being. In our feature this month, we’ve compiled a holiday superfoo

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