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Friday, September 29, 2023

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    The 10 Best Prebiotic Foods for Any Diet

    Prebiotics are a group of nutrients that act as food for the microbiota in the stomach. This process both encourages the growth of healthy gut bacteria and also releases compounds with a range of othe

    Eat like Earthy Andy!

    If you’re anything like us, you’re a little obsessed with all things Andrea Hannemann (@EarthyAndy on Instagram), from her pics of splashing in the surf with her kids to her videos of nailing squat ch

    Mindful Decadence

    Cooking and baking took on an outsized importance this year. Once-neglected cookbooks were pulled off the shelf, thumbed through, and cooked from. Although we were eating out less, we were eating more

    7 Immune-Boosting Recipes You Need Right Now

    Keeping your immune system strong is more important than ever (though it always should be!). These incredibly yummy recipes will benefit you in several ways, primarily in taste, health, and simplicity

    This Quarantine Cookbook Is A Fantastic Guide To Eating Through Your Pantry

    During self-isolation, are you struggling to find ways to create inspired meals out of typical pantry ingredients? Thankfully, one of alive’s own recipe creators, Amie Watson, is releasing an e-cookbo

    8 Delicious Better-For-You Treats for Your Next Baking Spree

    Baking a variety of different and delicious treats is all the rage right now. If you feel a little bored with just a basic loaf of bread, try diving into these unique and equally yummy desserts that h

    Neurogastronomy in Action

    5 drool-worthy dishes from chefs and recipe developers pioneering the science of flavor. 1. Avocado Superfood Pudding2. Dandelion Latte3. Super Umami Risotto4. Carrot and Lime Leaf Kebabs with Lemongr

    Ocean Heroes Bootcamp – Fighting Plastic Pollution

    Encouraging youth to pursue their passions and fight for what they believe in is a powerful way for parents to teach independence, inspire learning, and impart the importance of the impact they can ma

    10 kids’ remedies on the run

    To make organizing a cinch, purchase a first aid kit with supplies like bandages and gauze. Then, consider adding some of the following suggestions to round out your stock. 1. Herbal teasStash individ

    Milk Matters

    A long-time companion of vegans everywhere, plant-based milks are growing in popularity. With a variety of options to choose from, plant-based milks are now made from nuts, grains, legumes, and more,

    The Power of Clean Protein

    There’s no denying it: protein has power—over our health and over the dietary choices we make each day. Whether you’re currently a plant-based eater or interested in exploring the lifestyle, it’s impo

    Greek to me

     She’s fierce, fun and irreverent—and she’s on a mission to prove food is your friend. She also spent six years battling bulimia. Yes, Maria Koutsogiannis, the infectiously enthusiastic founder of th

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