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Friday, September 29, 2023
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    Create a Kaleidoscope of Color with a Unicorn-Themed Party

    Create a Kaleidoscope of Color with a Unicorn-Themed Party - 13783

    Create a Kaleidoscope of Color with a Unicorn-Themed Party

    From colorful cakes and beverages to pastel-hued hairstyles and sparkly manicures, the unicorn trend has become an internet sensation. All that colorful creativity is being used to transform ordinary events into memorable unicorn-themed parties.

    This simple, statement-making party project from Kelly Mindell of Studio DIY brings the popular unicorn trend to balloons. Mindell’s project shows how to give plain balloons a complete unicorn makeover with glitter, ribbon and stickers.

    With a portable helium tank from Balloon Time, you can easily inflate and customize balloons, adding whimsical decor to any celebration.

    Find DIY ideas to elevate every occasion at or check out Balloon Time on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram.

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    Unicorn Balloons

    Supplies and Tools:

    • 17-inch latex balloons
    • Balloon Time Helium Tank
    • Gold ribbon
    • Rainbow ribbon
    • Pink, rainbow, star or metallic garland
    • Star, circle, holographic or rainbow stickers
    • Craft paint in rainbow colors
    • Stiff paint brushes
    • Paper plate
    • Protective surface cover
    1. Inflate balloons using helium tank then tie with gold ribbon.
    2. Add flair to balloon tails by tying trim to balloon knots. Add some rainbow ribbon and some texture or shapes, using garland.
    3. Add additional texture to balloons with stickers by making a pattern all over balloons with star or circle stickers, concentrating stickers toward bottom with a few floating toward the top for a “dipped” look or mixing different stickers together.
    4. To add some splatter paint to balloons as “unicorn tears,” start by squeezing different paint colors onto plate.
    5. Hold balloon over covered surface and dip stiff paint brush into one color. Flick brush at balloon to create splatters. If paint is not splattering well, dip brush in small amount of water first to help thin out paint.
    6. Rotate balloon and repeat previous step to evenly distribute color. Then move on to additional colors until balloon looks as desired. Let dry a few minutes. Repeat with remaining balloons.

    Note: Popcorn ceilings and hot ceiling lights can pop balloons. If high ceilings are a concern, tie balloons to jar of rainbow-colored rocks or candy in the party’s color scheme.


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