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Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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    12 Of The Most Fabulous Floor Lamps

    Thoughtful lighting can really impact the mood and how we feel at home, and take note; the right lighting can also make everyone look amazing in a room. Or not, if executed poorly!

    Have you ever noticed that when you’re in the supermarket every single thing is brightly lit? It’s an intense flat light, which is great for grocery shopping, but we don’t want our homes to feel like this. There’s absolutely no need to fill the entire house with light, rather we want to create soft pools of light here and there.

    Floor lamps add instant atmosphere to a space, because they create a textured lighting effect, and this is really important as it creates variation for the eye. This combination of highlights and lowlights helps contribute to a feeling of cosiness.

    Apart from the light they emit, a floor lamp also adds a sculptural, vertical focal point to a room. Sometimes they are just the thing that balances out lots of horizontal lines; the dining table, coffee table, sofas, etc.  A feature floor lamp can also be great alternative to artwork and ‘fill the space’ in the corner of a room. So, it’s important to consider a lamp that looks great when turned on and off.

    When the right floor lamp meets the perfect armchair, it’s a match made in interior design heaven. Even in an open-plan space, an armchair and floor lamp carve out an inviting reading nook. So if you’re planning a renovation or new build, it’s a good idea to consider installing a floor box power outlet flush into the floor, so that in an open plan space you’re able to plug in a floor lamp, and an ipad for that matter.

    Cult – Gubi, 9602 floor lamp.

    Bon Bon Lamp by Ana Kras. Available from HAY.

    9602 Floor Lamp by Gubi. Available from Cult.

    JWDA Floor Lamp by Menu. Available from The Apartment by Sisalla.

    Arancini Floor Lamp by Moda Piera. Available from Fanuli Furniture. Photo – Ying Ang.

    Big Shadow Lamp by Cappellini. Available from Cult.

    Akari 10A Lamp by Noguchi. Available from In Good Company. Photo – Theo-bert Pot of The Nice Stuff Collector.

    Mayu Floor Lamp by Coco Flip. Available from Cult.

    Twiggy Light by Foscarini. Available from Space.


    Roattino by Eileen Gray. Available from Anibou.

    ‘Cinétique’ Floor lamp by Ligne Roset. Available from DOMO.Photo – Dylan James. Furniture and Styling – Karin Bochnik. Art – Claire Kirkup. Rug – Cadrys. Neon Art – Tom Adair.

    Turn Floor Lamp by Douglas + Bec.

    Triangle lamp by HK Living. Available from House of Orange.


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