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    This Kitchen is for Dancing

    This Kitchen is for Dancing

    Having a kitchen for dancing is much more than getting healthy food on the table meal after meal, day after day, so much more! It’s about creating a safe, nurturing place for the family. It’s also about shared experiences, whether cooking together, laughing together, crying together, or making plans together. A kitchen is a place for not just nourishment through food, but also emotional and spiritual nourishment. It’s where our children make their deepest, longest-lasting memories.
    What I’ve learned in my food journey is that food heals, not just nutritionally, but just about in every other way possible. Food connects and reconnects us to one another. Food shared at a table reminds us of our past and helps us discover our future. Yes, it matters what we eat—very much so! It also matters where and how. The social and emotional impact of working together to eat together is what makes any kitchen one for dancing!

    Crispy Panko Hemp Halibut

    Weeknight Skillet Paella

    Bird’s Nest Cookies

    Copyright © 2019 by Karlene Karst, BSc Nutrition. Used with permission of author and publisher, Mind Publishing Inc., Coquitlam, BC.

    Mind Publishing, Inc., 2019, 296 pages

    ISBN: 978-1927017319


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