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Saturday, April 1, 2023
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    The Most Beautiful Recipes for Mother's Day

    The Most Beautiful Recipes for Mother\'s Day

    Beautiful food is more than just eye candy. It needs to lure the scent and then deliver to the taste buds. These recipes give you not just amazingly luscious looks, but they also deliver a wallop of flavour while nurturing your daily nutritional needs.
    The world throws out far too much food. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), close to one-third of global food production gets lost or wasted—nearly 1.3 billion tonnes!
    It’s a very simple practice to make a dish bloom. Transforming a recipe from mediocre to fabulous starts with the eye. Visually, you might say, a beautiful dish, artfully prepared, begins as eye candy. Next, the scent of what’s been made lures the fork. Collectively, this process and these impressions work their magic to please the palate.
    This month of Mother’s Day, we’re showcasing a celebration of visually beautiful and deliciously nutritious foods. Each recipe was developed with families and celebrations in mind, offering options, substitutions, and creative presentation tips.
    A beautiful green detox soup, a colourful carrot salad with heirloom rainbow carrots, and a deliciously smoky flatbread topped by vibrant in-season strawberries and tomatoes—each collectively fills a bevy of daily nutritional needs while also capturing the eye.
    Accompany these dishes with a delicious, lightened Niçoise salad and a tantalizing and innovative cheesecake, and you’ll have Mother’s Day covered—with food that’s not just beautiful to behold, but also filled with good-for-you goodness!
    From soup to dessert, cast your eye on this collection of recipes that are simple to assemble and perfect for serving—for Mother’s Day and beyond.

    Pretty Spring Green Bisque

    Shaved Heirloom Rainbow Carrot Salad with Tahini Drizzle

    Nouveau Niçoise with Smoked Salmon, Jammy Eggs, and Brilliant Potatoes

    Vibrant Strawberry Tomato Flatbread

    Blue Pea Swirl Cheesecake

    Irene McGuinness is a passionate food writer, editor, and food stylist living on a small farm outside of Vancouver. When not writing, she is nurturing animals and tending to her extensive garden. Her work appears in a variety of Canadian, US, and Australian magazines.


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